Wednesday, October 16, 2013

One. Year.

It's almost one year since I posted anything here. A lot has happened in a year. Hence my inability to find any free time to write. Sure, I have free time. But I'd rather read, or reorganize my closet or sit and do nothing than write. I write all day, every day. See, what they don't tell us lawyers about being lawyers is that all you do is read and write. Now that I've been practicing for five years (?!), I know the drill. But maybe that last sentence will make someone think twice about pursuing a career as a lawyer. Reading and writing. Not Matlock.

IN any event, life has kept me very busy. Elise is three now, and Charlotte is one. They are crazy awesome. Elise is like a little person now. She talks constantly, has opinions, loves to dance and is just generally very sweet and good natured.

Charlotte is walking and running now. She tries to copy Elise all the time. She can meow like a kitty, bark like a dog, say "nana" for banana, "nighnigh" for bedtime, and she sings to herself all the time. She is still nursing some and just recently (fingers crossed), started sleeping through the night.

We might buy a van.

Husband is good. Work is good. House is good. We're at the point where we need to make some long-term decisions about where we will live for the long haul. We bought out house with the intention of being there for five or so years. Those five years have come and gone and we are still there. We love our house, but we're not zoned for great schools. So the decision needs to be made about whether we will stay and possibly incur private school costs, or whether we will move to an area that has great public schools. I think for now, we've decided to not decide until next year. Look how grown-up we are. Deciders of things. Deciders of deciding.

I will try to write more. I miss this little space. When I was younger, I kept a diary. From 4th grade through 12th grade. No joke. I've always liked to make notes of what's happening so that I don't forget.

I will try to not forget to write.

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